The Millistream Sandbox is a production-like test environment. We use an actual feed log from a historical trading day as the source of the data and it's sent in ”real time”, which basically means that the exchange data will have the same timing as on an actual trading day.

The data is filtered and not all exchanges and other sources available in the Millistream feed are possible to test in the Sandbox.

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Documentation, binaries and source code for our products

Feel free to download and try all our products using the Sandbox server. Contact if you have any questions regarding the products or for sales queries.
To use the API or MDA with the Sandbox, use server, username sandbox and password sandbox.


Our streaming API is available in C, with wrappers available for .Net and Java (JNI). It's the best solution if you want to develop your own application using streaming real time or delayed data. Access binaries, sources and documentation below.

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The Millistream Database Application (MDA) uses the Streaming API to connect to the Millistream engine and store the data in a SQL based database. You can either use the pre-defined database schema or use your own schema. Access binaries, sources and documentation below.

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The Millistream Web Services (MWS) is our hosted solution, available on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Try some of the functions of the MWS above and access the documentation below.

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